Professional Portraiture

Having an eye-catching professional portrait has always been important when at the pinnacle of your business career. However, with the ever increasing presence of social media platforms like LinkedIn, a business style portrait is more important then ever before to get noticed.  This could be the perfect headshot to land an actor the part or a slick corporate portrait for LinkedIn or the wall of your office.


Environmental Business Portraiture

Having a portrait for your social media and marketing presence that not only conveys your professionalism, but also helps show you are or want to be in your field helps you to land that position you want, or sell your personal brand to your clients.  Whether you are a mogul of industry or a master of sales, making that trusted and confident impression online to the world can help make all the difference.


Studio Headshot Portraiture

The quintessential studio headshot has been a staple for models, authors, and actors both on stage and in film, for decades.  Whether you are a sessioned actor or just out of school, working with a photographer that knows what you need out of the photos is key.  Having that recent headshot that makes you look your best and yet balancing the importance of it being representative of who you are when you show up on set is so important to not only landing you that job, but also your reputation that gets you the next.


Fitness Portraiture

Whether you are a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or expert nutritionist, your personal brand is what you need to sell to your clients to fill your classes and get those contracts.  Building your social media presence is so intrinsically important to this process and the image that you portray helps your clients to trust you, your professionalism, and your expertise.