Indecent for Indigenous - Burlesque Show

Show Poster created by Yael Perez - Miss Meow

Burlesque Show in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline

We are honoured to be donating our videography services along with the fellow amazing photographer Life by Selena Photography for the Indecent for Indigenous show at The Wiggle Room to help raise funds for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Come out (fly to Montreal if you have too) and see some amazing performers while simultaneously helping to fund the support for indigenous & environmental rights.

If you couldn't make it to the show, just want to see it again, or have a little more money to donate, we fully recorded the show in its entirety with multiple cameras and it is being made available for a Pay What You Can Donation, all the proceeds of which will also go to support Standing Rock as part of the fundraiser.  To purchase the show now, click the Pay What You Can button below!


Pay What You Can for Online Streaming

Includes Footage from Standing Rock

An instrumental part of this video has been our partners who have graciously provided us with the rights to include video coverage of Standing Rock itself, in addition to that which Coulton Photography recorded at the 'Montréal en solidarité avec Standing Rock' protests here in Montreal.  We are pleased to be able to use this footage to help those watching understand the situation at Standing Rock with the Dakota Access Pipeline and specifically the horrendous actions against the protest by both the Morton County Sheriff's Department. 

Dr0neb2Wild is an Indigenous run Aerial Cinematography company.

They have been instrumental in getting aerial footage of the protests and DAPL pipeline project in spite of the heavy media suppression.

TYT Politics is a member of the online media group TYT Network.  They provide in depth investigative journalism on critical issues effecting people across the United States.

They have provided some of the most dedicated and complete factual coverage of Standing Rock protests of any news agency to date.

Featured in the Press

Featured on CBC News Montreal - Enchanting Through Burlesque to Raise Funds for Standing Rock

Featured on CBC News Montreal - Enchanting Through Burlesque to Raise Funds for Standing Rock

Featured in Arts & Culture - The Art of Burlesque Dancing for Standing Rock

Featured in Arts & Culture - The Art of Burlesque Dancing for Standing Rock

Featured in What-To-Do for Friday Night

Featured in What-To-Do for Friday Night

The Performers


Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

She is the Montreal’s answer to real royalty. Of Mohawk descent, this knife-throwing, Martini-downing, sharp-shooting seductress has performed her hot brand of balls-to-the-wall burlesque all over North America, and despite her girlish demeanor, has over 15 years of singing, acting and rump shakin' under her tiny garter belt. It’s time to practice your curtsies and bows, because Miss LouLou is here!

Photo by La Photographe

Marie-Celine Einish

Pow Wow and Hoops Dancer

Photo by Jessica Deer


Sugar Vixen

A chance visit to Paris’ legendary Moulin Rouge at the tender age 12, surrounded by boobies and bubbly, thrust Sugar Vixen’s destiny in one sole glittery direction. Entering the realm of burlesque with 7 years of professional hip hop, jazz ballet and salsa dance training under her belt, Sugar’s saucy bump ’n’ grind, fiery energy and punk rock attitude have set stages ablaze far and wide. Sugar Vixen has performed in the Montreal Burlesque Festival, as well as the Dita Von Teese Montreal show in February 2016. A music aficionado, academic, feminist activist, and fierce rock ’n’ roll queen, Sugar Vixen is Miss Sugar and Spice, but NOTHING nice, and the Rock Star of Montreal burlesque.

Photo by Frank Lam Photography

Kitty Kin-Evil

She is the headmistress of the Ottawa Burlesque Academy, director of Frisque Femme productions, and the director of talent for The Ottawa Burlesque Festival. Known as The Superior Posterior she specializes in classic comedic burlesque, showgirl fans, and aerial hoop artistry.

Photo by Frank Lam Photography


Ivanie Aubin-Malo

Diplômée de l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal en 2014, Ivanie Aubin-Malo souhaite reconnecter avec ses racines amérindiennes. Elle reçoit alors l’enseignement de la danse «Fancy Shawl» auprès de son mentor Curtis Joe Miller, champion en danse Powwow. Depuis 2015, Ivanie collabore avec le groupe de tambour traditionnel «Buffalo Hat Singers» dans divers événements corporatifs afin de présenter la danse et son histoire. Elle a co-créé Iktomi-Les tisserandes, une performance du collectif Tatuetamu de Soleil Launière pour les Scènes Contemporaines Autochtones au OFFTA, édition 2016. Aussi, elle chorégraphie et interprète chez Ondinnok avec Dave Jenniss et danse pour l’artiste Tanya Lukin Linklater au Centre Phi et au MAC. Elle partage la scène avec Marcos Nery en décembre 2016 dans une création multidisciplinaire intitulée Mythe-Jeux de refus. Tous les projets artistiques d’Ivanie sont inspirés de la culture amérindienne et de la réalité contemporaine qu’elle vit en tant que Malécite.

Photo: Julie Artacho

Harlow Holiday

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Harlow Holiday is a Mohawk artist with a background in Theater and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. As a self-proclaimed "sparkle enthusiast" inspired by opulence and days of old, she enjoys costume design and creation. She is Co-founder and Director of Salt City Burlesque based in Syracuse, NY. Harlow is extremely passionate about burlesque and frequently travels around the country to observe and learn, often taking classes and workshops with legends and industry professionals to help with her own personal and artistic growth. Harlow is an active member of the upstate NY Burlesque community, having performed with Bing Bamboo Room Burlesque in Albany, Sirens & Stilettos Cabaret in Rochester, Whiskey Tango Sideshow in Ithaca, and with Justin Saine's Imaginarium in Binghamton, NY.

This past summer she performed in the Ohio Burlesque Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, and the inaugural Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival in Knoxville, TN!

Photo by Peter Korolov Photography


Elle Diabloe

Montreal's favourite little red devil, Elle Diabloe, has been captivating audiences with a flick of her tail and a twitch of her horns since 2005. A dancer by training and a temptress by nature, this fallen angel of burlesque lives to tease her audience with her forays into the incredibly seductive and the utterly ridiculous!

Photo by Andrea Hausmann Photography